Attentis Consulting has built a strong reputation as a leading Salesforce implementation expert within the healthcare industry. Our track record includes numerous successful deployments across a wide range of healthcare use cases, including individual and family plans (IFP), Medicare Advantage and Supplement, small group, and large group. What sets us apart is our commitment to native Salesforce solutions, using pre-configured content and leveraging the power of the Health Cloud Data Model and OmniStudio. With Attentis, you can expect flexible workflows, rapid development, and transparent processes.

Accelerating Implementation with Comprehensive Toolkits

At Attentis, we understand the urgency of implementing Salesforce solutions efficiently. That’s why we employ complete functional process diagrams and user stories, allowing us to expedite implementation timelines. Our toolkits enable us to quickly identify and integrate customers’ data sources, drawing on our prior experience with similar use cases. By incorporating both business and technical user stories, we establish baseline norms efficiently, saving you valuable time and unnecessary costs. Our proven AmpliFire accelerators ensure successful installations and delighted clients who frequently return for additional services.

Managed Services that Deliver Added Value

Beyond installation, Attentis Consulting offers comprehensive Managed Services to support your ongoing success. Our “Base” offering caters to your foundational needs, while “Managed Services Advance” breathes new life into previously underutilized components. We work closely with you to identify additional features, workflows, and depths that align with your Salesforce vision. Over typically six months, this collaborative process often leads