Some. Assembly. Required.

Want to know a dirty little secret about enterprise software? While everything you need may be in the box, you’re going to need a whole lot of help assembling it. That’s where we come in.

We're healthcare and Salesforce experts.

Bridging the gaps between what you bought, what you already own, and what you actually need

System Optimization

Total Value Added  + 40%

We understand the complex challenges that each project represents. Our solutions bring transformation and unity, all on a single platform, knitting together areas that once lived separately. We seamlessly enhance operational efficiency, integrate with your existing systems, and supercharge productivity and engagement.

Accelerate your healthcare experience

We equip our healthcare and technical experts with cutting edge AmpliFires that include pre-built user stories, data models, business and technical process maps, tailored implementation plans, and much more.

Advisory Services

Salesforce Expert

Advisory Services

Our Harmony Advisory Services help health plans and providers with design, deployment and utilization strategies that make the most of their Salesforce investment.


Attentis Consulting’s accelerators, called AmpliFires, are more than just demos and templates – each is functioning software that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Symphony developed by Attentis Consulting

Symphony Delivery

Robust and agile, Attentis Consulting’s delivery framework is meticulously crafted with specialized processes and artifacts.

Managed Services

Salesforce requires ongoing support and our Encore Managed Services are designed to provide healthcare organizations with the post-deployment resources and expertise they need to thrive.

Health Cloud

Personalized, omni-channel approach serving your goals in patient care.

Health Cloud is the comprehensive platform, encompassing the essential tools every healthcare organization requires, conveniently unified in one place. This dynamic solution furnishes a holistic view, seamlessly combining diverse data sources.

Sales Cloud

Fully customizable and supported to grow revenue and deepen client connections.

Sales Cloud empowers organizations to easily manage relationships with a CRM platform that reduces administrative tasks, optimizes and automates complex workflows, and enables informed decision-making with real-time data.

Service Cloud

One platform where your customers and service experts are connected.

Service Cloud seamlessly links every data point from customers to experts, consolidating them onto a single platform. This enables swift problem resolution, delivering a highly personalized and fully digital experience.

Experience Cloud

An integrated communications hub for creating custom online communities and more.

Experience Cloud tailors itself to the unique needs of your organization, effectively curbing customer churn, engaging onsite and offsite staff members, streamlining project communications, and establishing dedicated community channels.

Marketing Cloud

A client-centric immersive approach to optimize multichannel engagements.

Marketing Cloud elegantly streamlines each prospect and client experience and interaction through a unified platform. This orchestrates comprehensive marketing integration, engaging the full marketing stack including research, strategy, modeling, creative, campaigns, reporting, and analytics.

Analytics Cloud

Empower a data-first approach to visualize business opportunities more clearly.

Analytics Cloud is your data powerhouse. It centralizes information, converting it into actionable insights for smarter and faster decision-making. Seamlessly combining diverse data sources, it’s the ultimate tool for optimzing the sales, customer experience, and operations that drive business growth.

Ready to get even more from your Salesforce investment?