In the complex healthcare landscape, health plans face a critical challenge: effectively managing provider networks. They need to build and manage a robust provider system of record across key organizational functions, requiring streamlined processes and efficient technology solutions. In this blog post, we will explore how Attentis Consulting’s Provider Network Management accelerators, called ‘AmpliFires’, offer a comprehensive solution to overcome the common hurdles associated with provider network management.

Streamlining Network Adequacy Assessment

Assessing network adequacy is a key challenge in provider network management. Our adequacy application provides network adequacy analysts with out-of-the-box reporting and dashboarding capabilities. This empowers them to quickly identify and address gaps in network coverage, ensuring effective meeting of member or customer needs.

Targeted Campaigns for Provider Recruitment

Strategic expansion of the provider panel requires targeted campaigns. Our pre-built solution includes a recruiting application that enables recruiters to efficiently manage lead queues. Guided flows streamline call down campaigns, ensuring more effective and personalized engagement with potential providers, generating desired leads.

Frictionless Provider Self-Service

Our experts recognize the importance of providing a seamless self-service experience for providers. Our AmpliFire kit incorporates self-service portals, enabling providers to refer colleagues, apply for the first time, and perform recredentialing tasks. Leveraging Salesforce’s OmniStudio, pre-built guided flows simplify the process and minimize friction, enhancing the overall provider experience.

Rich User Experiences and Document Management

Salesforce’s OmniStudio powers unique and rich user experiences for each persona involved in provider network management. It enables efficient collection of all required information and documents from providers. Integrations with document signing software, such as DocuSign, simplify the process of collecting signatures, further streamlining provider interactions.

Comprehensive Credentialing and Workload Management

Efficient management of credentialing and workload is critical in provider network management. Our AmpliFire leverages Salesforce’s case management capabilities to holistically manage each provider’s application, from credentialing through contracting to onboarding (enablement). Automated task and event management features ensure efficient workload management within the Salesforce platform.

Enhanced Reporting and Approval Processes

Each AmpliFire offers pre-configured full review and approval capabilities, simplifying the management of credentialing and regulatory processes across various stakeholders in your organization. Comprehensive reports and dashboards keep specialists and managers informed, enabling effective task prioritization. Specialists can easily access provider information, including applications and contracts, and even generate contracts on the fly.

Flexible Fee Schedules and Contract Management

Our AmpliFire supports networks with both standard and custom fee schedules, catering to the unique needs of your organization. The Salesforce Health Cloud data model handles the complexity of Provider Network Management requirements, and the AmpliFire comes pre-built to leverage Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features. The Contract Builder, configured within the accelerator, streamlines contract generation, making the process less time-consuming and more data-driven.

Efficient Onboarding and Task Management

Transitioning from contracted providers to fully onboarded ones involves a series of tasks and case management. Attentis Consulting’s Onboarding or Enablement AmpliFire offers the same level of reporting and dashboarding for task and case management. As providers move through the onboarding process, the system automatically generates and efficiently manages the required tasks for onboarding specialists, ensuring a smooth transition.

Attentis AmpliFires: Accelerating Provider Network Management

By leveraging the power of Salesforce and Attentis Consulting’s expertise, organizations achieve significant time-to-value gains in their provider network management initiatives. Attentis AmpliFires typically cover 60-80% of customers’ needs based on the complexity of their use cases. Our AmpliFires provide a robust foundation, complemented by Attentis’ expert consultants who build the remaining critical pieces to fulfill your unique Provider Network Management vision. With Attentis AmpliFires, organizations can streamline their processes, enhance operational efficiency, and effectively manage their provider networks. The comprehensive capabilities offered by Attentis Consulting, combined with the flexibility and power of Salesforce, ensure that organizations can accelerate their Provider Network Management initiatives and achieve their goals with confidence.

Our Provider Network Management AmpliFires provide health plans with a comprehensive and efficient solution for streamlining their provider network management processes. These AmpliFires empower healthcare organizations to assess network adequacy, optimize provider recruitment, deliver frictionless self-service experiences, automate credentialing workflows, streamline contract management, and facilitate efficient onboarding by leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities. With Attentis Consulting as your partner, you can confidently accelerate time to value and achieve your Provider Network Management objectives.