Clover Health

Provider Network Management

The Background

Hazel Health, recognized as the nation’s leading K-12 telehealth provider, partners with schools and families to deliver high-quality virtual physical and mental health care services. Their mission is to ensure students receive the care they need, promoting well-being and keeping them engaged in learning.

The Challenge

As a telehealth provider, Hazel Health faced the challenge of scaling their services effectively while maintaining the highest standards of care for K-12 students. They needed a robust and scalable platform to support their telehealth initiatives and streamline health services delivery across schools.

The Solution

Hazel Health collaborated with Attentis Consulting to leverage Salesforce Health Cloud, a powerful platform tailored for healthcare organizations. Attentis Consulting’s expertise in Salesforce solutions and healthcare industry knowledge enabled the seamless integration of telehealth services within Hazel Health’s operations.

The Benefits

The partnership between Hazel Health and Attentis Consulting brought about significant benefits:


Through the strategic partnership with Attentis Consulting and leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud, Hazel Health has been able to transform student health care delivery in K-12 settings. This success story showcases the impact of innovative telehealth solutions in promoting student well-being and educational success.