Custom project (BSF – Benefit Specification Form)

The Background

Elixir, a pharmacy benefits company, faced a significant challenge in managing their benefit specification process efficiently. The process involved completing a complex 42-page Benefit Specification Form (BSF) manually, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and difficulties in tracking changes effectively. With the growing complexity of benefit specifications and the need for accuracy and compliance, Elixir sought a modern solution to digitize and streamline their BSF creation and management.

The Challenge

Elixir’s manual process of managing the 42-page Benefit Specification Form (BSF) posed several challenges. The process was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked a centralized system for tracking changes and generating reports. The extensive information required in the BSF, including client details, coverage specifics, coordination of benefits, and pharmacy network information, made it challenging to maintain accuracy and compliance. Elixir needed a solution that would automate data collection, improve accuracy, and streamline the entire benefit specification process.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Elixir partnered with Attentis Consulting to implement a comprehensive solution using Salesforce. The solution involved building out the entire benefit specification process within Salesforce, digitizing the 42-page BSF form, and creating a structured workflow for data entry and validation. Custom automation features were developed to validate entries, track changes, and generate reports seamlessly. The Salesforce platform was customized to meet Elixir’s specific needs, ensuring data accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in the BSF creation process.

The Benefits

The implementation of the Salesforce-based benefit specification process had a significant impact on Elixir’s operations:


The successful implementation of the Salesforce-based benefit specification process transformed Elixir’s operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. By leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities and customization options, Elixir streamlined a complex manual process into a structured, automated workflow. This not only improved internal operations but also elevated the overall customer experience. The project exemplifies the power of technology-driven solutions in optimizing critical business processes and driving organizational success.