At Attentis Consulting, we strive to deliver Salesforce solutions that meet and exceed expectations. With our innovative approach and cutting-edge accelerators, called AmpliFires, we aim to provide agile, efficient, and comprehensive services.

Agile Approach

We embrace the Agile methodology, adapting to the evolving needs of your organization. Our iterative and collaborative approach ensures rapid development, seamless integration, and continuous improvement throughout the implementation process.

Accelerator Artifacts

Our suite of accelerator artifacts empowers your organization with ready-to-use components, saving valuable time and resources. These artifacts include:

  1. Data Dictionary: Establish a unified understanding of data structures, enabling efficient data management and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  2. Lucid Flows (Process): Streamline your business processes with visual representations, optimizing workflow efficiency and ensuring consistent operations.
  3. Lucid Flows (Data): Leverage Lucid Flows to visualize and comprehend complex data relationships, enabling informed decision-making and data-driven insights.
  4. Draft Epics & Stories: Capture user stories in their early stages, facilitating effective requirements gathering and agile development.
  5. Profile/Security/FLS Configuration: Safeguard your Salesforce environment with robust profile and security configurations, ensuring data integrity and compliance.
  6. QA’d Code in Git: Deploy code swiftly and reliably using our thoroughly tested and validated codebase stored in Git, ensuring ease and speed of deployment.

Implementation Approach

Our implementation approach guarantees a seamless and successful deployment, tailored to your unique requirements. Key components of our approach include:

  1. Pre-defined Scoping Documents: Establish clear project goals, scope, and deliverables, setting the foundation for a streamlined implementation process.
  2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach: Prioritize essential features and functionalities to deliver a minimum viable product quickly, providing immediate value to your organization.
  3. Implementation Outline (Workstreams): Define workstreams and their interdependencies, ensuring a structured and organized implementation process.
  4. Baseline Project/Sprint Schedule: Develop a well-defined project schedule, allowing for effective project management and progress tracking.
  5. Deploy Fully QA’d Accelerator Codebase: Implement our rigorously tested accelerator codebase to accelerate development, reduce risks, and increase efficiency.
  6. Pre-developed UI Screens, Workflows, etc.: Leverage our pre-built user interface screens and workflows, minimizing development effort and maximizing user experience.
  7. DevOps Plan: Adopt an efficient DevOps plan, enabling continuous integration, deployment, and collaboration among your development teams.
  8. QA/UAT Cycles: Conduct thorough quality assurance and user acceptance testing cycles, ensuring a bug-free and user-friendly solution.
  9. Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer: Empower your team with in-depth knowledge transfer sessions, equipping them to maintain and enhance the implemented solution independently.
  10. Go-Live Warranty Period: Offer peace of mind with a dedicated go-live warranty period, providing support and addressing any issues that may arise post-implementation.

PI Components

Our Rapid Project Initiation (RPI) components are designed to jumpstart your Salesforce implementation process. These include:

  1. QA’d Code Ready: Benefit from fully validated Salesforce HealthCloud-based Shop & Enroll solutions, enabling accelerated development and a faster time-to-market.
  2. Complete Project Artifacts(Not Templates): Access comprehensive project artifacts that go beyond mere templates, providing you with a ready-to-use framework for success.
  3. Business Case Subject Matter Expertise: Tap into our extensive subject matter expertise in understanding and addressing your unique business case requirements, ensuring a tailored solution.
  4. Successful Past Engagements: Draw on our track record of successful installations, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality solutions that meet business objectives.
  5. Predictable Implementation Schedules: Rely on our expertise in project management and implementation planning, ensuring predictable and on-time delivery.

By leveraging the power of Attentis Consulting’s expertise, organizations achieve significant time-to-value gains with their Salesforcedeployments. Attentis AmpliFires typically cover 60-80% of customers’ needs based on the complexity of their use cases. Our AmpliFires provide a robust foundation, complemented by Attentis’ industry experts who build the remaining critical pieces to fulfill your unique vision. With Attentis AmpliFires, organizations can streamline their processes, enhance operational efficiency, and get more from their Salesforce investment.