Individual & Family Shop & Enroll

The Background

Our client, a ministry health share organization, partnered with Attentis Consulting to modernize their operations using Salesforce. Despite being structured differently from traditional insurance, they faced similar challenges in managing health share requests and lacked automation in their processes. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, they aimed to provide affordable healthcare solutions to individuals and small groups. However, their manual processes and limited reach hindered their ability to keep up with the growing demand.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Attentis Consulting, our client operated in a manual and fragmented manner. They lacked automation tools to streamline health share requests and struggled to reach a broad audience. As a fledgling business experiencing rapid growth, they faced the daunting task of building their operations while simultaneously managing increasing demand. Stakeholder engagement and finding expertise in their niche were significant challenges, compounded by the complexities of HIPAA compliance and personalized health information authorization.

The Solution

Attentis Consulting collaborated closely with our client to implement a comprehensive solution leveraging Salesforce technologies. We deployed Sales & Service Cloud with the OmniStudio Managed Package to streamline health share request processes and improve stakeholder engagement. Experience Cloud was utilized to create a personalized and intuitive portal for members, enhancing their experience and facilitating direct interaction with the organization.

One of the key innovations was the development of an automated solution for HIPAA-compliant authorization of personalized health information. Understanding our client’s sensitivity to insurance-related terminology, we introduced a Protected Health Authorization (PHA) process, incorporating e-signature capabilities through DocuSign. This not only ensured compliance but also improved efficiency and security in handling health information.

The Benefits

The implementation of our Salesforce-powered solution had a profound impact on our client’s operations:


Attentis Consulting’s Salesforce project empowered our client to overcome significant operational challenges and achieve remarkable growth in their health share offerings. By leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities and our expertise in healthcare solutions, we not only modernized their operations but also laid a solid foundation for continued success and innovation in the dynamic healthcare landscape.