Managing Salesforce effectively can be a complex and time-consuming task. That’s why leveraging Managed Services can greatly simplify your Salesforce ownership and enable your organization to thrive in the digital landscape.

Center of Excellence

A comprehensive Managed Services approach begins with aligning your Salesforce implementation with your vision to maximize long-term value. Through executive goal setting workshops, business process reviews, and expert guidance, you can ensure that your Salesforce strategy is in line with your organizational goals.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Certified Salesforce experts can take care of monitoring and managing your Salesforce environment. By following a defined strategy and structure, we ensure efficient code development and deployment, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on your core business.

Continuous Enhancements

As Salesforce evolves and your business grows, it’s crucial to leverage the latest features and functionalities. Managed Services include ongoing enhancements and upgrades to optimize your Salesforce platform, keeping you ahead of the competition and maximizing your return on investment.

System Administration

Streamlining Salesforce operations is essential to drive your business forward. With Managed Services, our Salesforce administrators handle tasks such as user management, security configuration, data management, and customization. Our industry and technical expertise ensure smooth operations and allow you to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Data Integrity and Maintenance

Data integrity is vital for any organization. Managed Services offer regular data audits, deduplication, data migration support, and data backup and recovery strategies. This ensures that your Salesforce data remains accurate, reliable, and accessible when you need it most.

Training and User Support

User adoption is key to maximizing the potential of Salesforce. Comprehensive training programs tailored to your specific needs empower your team with the necessary knowledge and skills. This promotes productivity and efficiency throughout your organization, enabling you to make the most of Salesforce’s capabilities.

Reporting and Analytics

Informed decision-making relies on accurate and actionable insights. Managed Services encompass the development and customization of advanced reports, dashboards, and analytics. This allows you to gain valuable business intelligence from your Salesforce data, driving smarter strategies and outcomes.

Integrations Management

Seamlessly integrating Salesforce with other business systems is crucial for streamlined processes and data flow. Managed Services providers manage all your integration needs, ensuring data consistency and efficiency across multiple platforms.

Why Choose Attentis Consulting’s Managed Services?

Attentis Consulting is the go-to Salesforce solutions integrator for the Healthcare industry. With a team of certified Salesforce and healthcare industry experts and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, we bring clients’ visions to life.

  • Tailored Solutions: Attentis Consulting understands that each organization has unique needs and objectives. Our Managed Services are tailored to align with your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.
  • Expert Team: Attentis Consulting’s team of certified Salesforce professionals brings deep expertise and a wealth of healthcare industry knowledge to address your most complex challenges. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding your expectations.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Whether you’re a small healthcare organization or a large enterprise, Attentis Consulting’s Managed Services can scale with your needs. We adapt to your evolving requirements and provide flexible engagement models to support your growth.
  • Proven Track Record: Attentis Consulting has a proven track record of successful Salesforce implementations and long-term partnerships. We’ve helped numerous clients achieve their Salesforce goals and drive sustainable business growth.

Partnering with Attentis Consulting allows you to simplify Salesforce ownership and unlock the full potential of your investment. With a comprehensive suite of services, our team ensures that your Salesforce platform remains optimized, secure, and aligned with your business objectives.