Consumer Portal, Broker Portal, Member Portal, and Provider Portal

The Background

Our client, a Connecticut-based insurance company, operated across multiple lines of business. However, their operations were hindered by a disjointed system landscape. Group sales were managed through cumbersome spreadsheets and emails, while their Medicare product, though homegrown, lacked the efficiency needed for optimal performance. Seeking to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience, they turned to Attentis Consulting for a comprehensive solution.

The Challenge

Before engaging with Attentis Consulting, our client grappled with inefficiencies and siloed operations. Group sales, a vital aspect of their business, relied on manual processes, leading to errors and delays. Additionally, their Medicare product, while functional, lacked the sophistication needed to meet evolving market demands. Coordinating activities across multiple portals and backend systems further compounded their challenges, hampering agility and hindering growth.

The Solution

Attentis Consulting embarked on a transformative Salesforce journey to overhaul our client’s operations and elevate their performance. Leveraging the power of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, complemented by the Vlocity Insurance OmniStudio Managed Package, we provided a unified platform for streamlined sales and service processes. Experience Cloud was leveraged to enhance customer engagement and deliver personalized experiences across portals.

Under the Broker Portal, we delivered tailored solutions, including Medicare Advantage Shop & Enroll, Individual & Family Shop & Enroll for on and off Exchange, and Medicare Supplement Shop & Enroll. By standardizing and optimizing these processes, we enabled seamless enrollment experiences for brokers and consumers alike. Small business solutions were also integrated into the Broker Portal, further enhancing its capabilities and reach.

The Benefits

The implementation of our solution yielded a multitude of benefits for our client:


Through our collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, Attentis Consulting empowered our client to overcome their operational challenges and thrive in a competitive healthcare landscape. By modernizing their systems and processes, we laid the foundation for sustained growth and success, ensuring they remain at the forefront of delivering exceptional healthcare experiences to their customers.