Optimyl Benefits

Small Group Shop & Enroll

The Background

Optimyl Benefits, a startup in the insurance sector, embarked on a journey to offer Small Group Shop & Enroll services across the United States. They needed a robust system to collect and manage enrollments efficiently, catering to regulatory requirements across all states. This project required a highly customized and dynamic solution to support their innovative approach to small business insurance.

The Challenge

As a startup, Optimyl Benefits needed a system to collect and manage Small Group Shop & Enroll data. They aimed to operate across all states, necessitating compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks. Dynamic document generation, such as Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), based on product attributes was essential. A benefit advocate portal was needed to allow policy modifications, adding individuals, changing plans, and more.

The Solution

We built a comprehensive and tailored solution on Salesforce from scratch to meet Optimyl Benefits’ needs. Regulatory compliance across all states was integrated into forms and rules within the system. Dynamic document generation, including SBC, based on product attributes, streamlined processes. A benefit advocate portal was developed to empower users to manage policies, add members, and modify plans seamlessly.

The Benefits

The implementation of the Small Group Shop & Enroll on the Salesforce platform revolutionized our Optimyl Benefits’ operations. Efficient collection and management of enrollments across all states were ensured while maintaining regulatory compliance. Dynamic document generation reduced manual efforts and streamlined communication with clients. The benefit advocate portal enhanced user experience and allowed for quick policy adjustments and plan modifications. Our client’s innovative approach and streamlined processes positioned them for success and growth in the competitive insurance market.


The collaboration between Attentis Consulting and Optimyl Benefits resulted in a game-changing Small Group Shop & Enroll system. By addressing the challenges faced by a startup in a highly regulated industry, the project showcased the power of customized solutions in driving efficiency, compliance, and user satisfaction. Our client’s ability to dynamically adapt and innovate sets a strong foundation for their continued success and expansion in the insurance sector.