Small Group Shop & Enroll

The Background

Our client, focused on small group insurance plans, faced challenges with their sales channels and lead generation processes. With a direct-to-employer approach, they lacked a dedicated broker channel, relying solely on their call center and internal sales team. This limited their lead flow and efficiency, often reaching critical mass due to manual processes and spreadsheet-based sales solutions. In early 2018, they sought to modernize their sales operations to enhance lead generation and streamline sales processes.

The Challenge

The primary challenges our client faced included the absence of a dedicated broker channel for small group sales, limited lead flow and efficiency due to manual sales processes, over-reliance on the call center and internal sales team leading to scalability issues, and the absence of an automated sales solution, relying on spreadsheet-based methods.

The Solution

Attentis Consulting collaborated closely with our client to implement a comprehensive solution leveraging Salesforce technologies. We deployed Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, integrated with the OmniStudio Managed Package for insurance solutions. This enabled our client to create a robust online platform for employers and employees to purchase insurance directly, expanding their sales channels and improving lead flow. The implementation included developing an automated sales solution to replace spreadsheet-based processes and creating a user-friendly and intuitive Experience Cloud portal for small group insurance purchases, along with integrating sales and service functionalities to streamline customer interactions and support.

The Benefits

The project had a significant impact on our client’s sales operations, including expanded sales channels with the introduction of an online platform for direct sales to employers and employees, improved lead flow and efficiency, reduced reliance on the call center/internal sales team, enhanced customer experience through a user-friendly online portal and streamlined sales processes, and accelerated sales cycles and scalability, allowing our client to handle increased demand effectively.


Attentis Consulting’s Salesforce implementation transformed our client’s small group insurance sales operations, addressing key challenges and unlocking new opportunities for growth. By leveraging Salesforce technologies and our expertise in insurance solutions, we empowered our client to modernize their sales channels, improve lead generation, and enhance customer experience, setting the stage for continued success in the competitive insurance market.